What are the 5 easiest ways to find Instagram stars in your niche?

Identifying Instagram Influencers in your niche can help you boost brand awareness, increase conversions, and attract a larger audience. Using the following strategies below, you can find Instagram influencers for free and bring in great ROI for your brand:

  1. For specific hashtags, check the most popular posts
  2. Take a look at your brand’s followers
  3. Find top fans by monitoring brand mentions
  4. Visit the Explore Page to find Instagram influencers
  5. The Top 1000 Instagram Influencers can be found here

Influencers are highly valuable for inbound marketing and social media marketing, in particular, because their authority, knowledge, and connection with the audience are strong indicators. Here are some tips on how to find the most appropriate influencers!

What are the 5 easiest ways to find Instagram stars in your niche?

1. Search for specific hashtags in the most popular posts

Using hashtags is one of the easiest and quickest ways to find influencers on Instagram. Tags group posts and stories together so you can find content and inspiration more easily.

Consider your industry or niche when looking for hashtags to use and check out trending hashtags. Among these websites is All-hashtag.com, which gathers popular hashtags.

Accounts with a high following and engagement (likes and comments) are considered top posts on Instagram.

Thus, when you do a hashtag search, you are shown the Top posts first. This is where many influential brands can be found.

Instagram influencers are accounts that post pictures on Instagram, so by looking at those posts, you can discover them. They regularly update their content. Make sure you follow them.

If you look at an influencer’s profile, you can find out what brands have collaborated with them and their engagement rates, as well as whether they are a good fit for your brand. Start social networking, write a private message, and clearly describe your proposal.

When sharing sensitive information about your collaboration, be sure to ask for an email. Avoid sharing everything on Instagram.

In addition to using an email for PR and other marketing activities, it is a more powerful contact. The possibilities are endless.

If you’d like to maximize the impact of this tactic, make sure to find those hashtags when people post the most on Instagram.

2. Look at the followers of your brand

There is no doubt that people who follow your brand are interested in it. There was something about it that they liked.

You should value your followers because getting them means a lot of work.

You should make use of this opportunity since you did something good. Find Instagram influencers by looking at your followers list. Review each influencer’s profile to see the content they share, how often they post, engagement rates, and how they communicate with their audience (the language they use). Does it seem offensive?

It is also important to consider how many followers they have. Influencers on Instagram can be classified based on their following:

  • Social celebrities who have more than 1 million followers are known as mega-influencers.
  • Influencers with between 100,000 and 1 million followers are macro-influencers.
  • A micro-influencer is someone with a following between 1,000 and 100,000.
  • Basically, nano-influencers are people with fewer than 1,000 followers who have immense influence with a relatively narrow market.

Once you have collected all the information, start contacting the people on the list.

3. To find top fans of your brand, monitor brand mentions

You can find out which of your top fans and followers mentioned your brand on Instagram using dedicated tools (free and paid). In addition to finding tagged posts with your brand, using only text, these tools also help you find posts without tags, since these are tough to find.

Using BrandMentions, you can find out which influencers are talking about your brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.

You can find a list of people categorized by their number of followers and mentions in the Top Fans section of the tool.

As a result, it can serve as a great starting point for direct communication and great connections with people who mentioned the brand. Additionally, they’ve already taken the first step by mentioning you or hashtags, keywords you’re interested in. They’ve already done half the work for you.

4.Visit the Explore Page to find Instagram influencers

Checking the Explore tab on the app is another easy and free way to find Instagram influencers.

Visitors to the Explore page go there when they’d like to see photos and videos related to their interests from accounts they might not already follow.

You and everyone can use the Explore page to find similar accounts, influencers, and even new brands and businesses.

Instagram shows you content on Explore based on your likes and viewed pages. Individual devices display this page differently.

Add the details of their accounts on your list for your Instagram influencer marketing campaigns or social selling projects if you see accounts that fit your brand.

5. Here is a list of the Top 1000 Instagram Influencers

Many websites collect and list the top Instagram Influencers of each country, as well as lists of other influencers that cover a range of industries and topics.

Take, for example, StarNgage – a platform that enables brands to analyze, customize, measure, and offer a variety of content focusing on influencers of tools. You can apply this filter to a number of countries and see top Instagram accounts that cover topics like art, cooking, design, pets and animals, education, game health, and many others.

A general US example can be seen below.

Many similar websites are available, maybe with different categories, more niched if you wish.

Monitor your conversion rate and social media trends. Look for Instagram influencers with genuine engagement (no fake followers and posts with few comments) and administer their social media accounts. Do not be afraid to ask influencers for more information about your brand if they seem like a good fit. It is likely that they will provide you with some data and metrics from the Instagram analytics tool.

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What are the 5 easiest ways to find Instagram stars in your niche?

What are the 5 easiest ways to find Instagram stars in your niche?

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