How do you determine your micro niche?

In marketing, a micro niche is a specific area within a broader area where you can segment your audience. Discover how to identify your micro niche and why it matters.

Every entrepreneur needs to know their area of expertise before starting a business. Basically, it means knowing your niche before starting a business.

You may be able to identify micro niches within the area you choose. Micro niches are specialized areas within a general area.

How do niches work?

Niche refers to the area of expertise of a business or company. A target audience is formed by people who share some characteristics, and because of that, they are more likely to buy a given product.

The niche is basically the segment you’re going to target. As a result, they are very broad, meaning that they represent an entire area, such as shoes.

Working with niches can attract lots of people. But because it is such a broad term, it is possible that you don’t convert much.

The most popular products tend to be those from well-known brands, which makes them appear top-of-the-page on search engines. It can take you a long time to stand out and have a good market projection.

A second issue is that, since the search term includes everything related to your niche, you can even have a lot of visitors, but not all of them will be qualified. Since your product or service is not exactly what everyone wants, the bounce rate can be high.

In this way, you can attract more qualified visitors to your website. Because the term “shoes” is more specific, you can attract more qualified visitors to your site.

It is still possible for you to attract customers who aren’t looking for exactly what you have to offer. In the end, defining your niche as “men’s shoes” can encompass a number of shoe designs that are not what the customer wants.

How do you determine your micro niche?

Micro niches are what they sound like.

The micro niche represents a small part of a broader market’s consumers and clients.

An example of a micro niche in shoes might be running shoes for men, formal shoes for men, red leather shoes for men, and so on.

Micro niches do not allow for the kind of products being offered, as you can see from the examples. Therefore, people searching for them will be confident that they are in the right place to get what they need at that moment.

Nevertheless, micro niches get fewer visitors, since only people who want to purchase something specific search for them. Alternatively, your audience is more likely to buy your products or services since you market exactly what they are seeking.

The broader areas of expertise, or the niches, are shown in the diagram. The diagram includes all of the specific niches and subniches you can specialize in.

Your audience becomes more segmented when you provide more details about your product or service, so the number of visitors is smaller.

Your email marketing becomes more effective and efficient, but the conversion rate decreases. It’s because micro niche searchers are more aware of what they’re looking for. A product can then be sold or a service can be hired thus increasing the possibility of both.

Micro niches have the following advantages:

1.It’s simple

For micro niches, it can be easier to create content than for general topics.

It is necessary to broadcast a variety of information when you have a broad niche. You may not be able to develop everything at once, so sometimes this can be challenging.

In addition, your content might not always be of high quality. As a matter of fact, being an expert on such a broad subject matters isn’t unusual. We’re always better at certain aspects of a subject matter than others.

We are always better at certain parts of a subject than others. You can dedicate yourself exclusively to this part of your niche when you have a sub niche.

2. Use

Working within a micro niche means focusing on a very specific topic. As a result, your product or service has a better chance of solving the problem of people who have searched for it.

People are more likely to buy or want to know more about offered products if they have exact information about what they need urgently.

To create useful content for your audience, sub niches are an excellent strategy.

3. Profitability

People who search for micro niches already know what they want. They just don’t know what they’re looking for yet.

Your marketing and sales strategy will therefore be effective. In the end, there is a higher probability of that purchase being made, which leads to profits.

4. Engagement

A higher conversion rate can be achieved by sending more elaborate emails and content to an audience that belongs to a micro niche.

When people are looking for something specific, they are usually engaged in their searches. The topics you discuss hold a lot of interest for them. You’ll have better opening and click-through rates if you have a great email marketing strategy.

Micro niches: how to identify them

By now, you should be able to distinguish between a niche and a micro niche. However, how do you determine which one you have?

Start-up businesses often research their niches online before they launch. Based on the most searched keywords, they develop products or services.

You can view trending topics using tools such as Google Trends. You can therefore get a sense of what is popular right now.

Micro niches and how to choose them

Think about what you know in order to choose the right sub niche. Do you know what you’re good at? What are your areas of expertise?  

Depending on your abilities, interests, likes, or even your curiosity for a subject, you can make your decision.

Discover how you can create products or services that will help you pass on your knowledge. You can create a better relationship with your reader and, of course, with your future client if you know exactly what you’re going to talk about.

Despite this, you don’t have to pick micro niches solely based on your knowledge. You should explore outside your personal experience and online research.

Work with micro niches: how to get started

When just starting out, picking a micro niche to segmented audiences is a good strategy.

To begin with, it’s not interesting to have your fingers in too many pies. As a result, you will appear to be not very skilled in any subject. Be an authority on that subject by focusing on only one.

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How do you determine your micro niche?

How do you determine your micro niche?

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