Automated Niche Website Creation (That Makes Money through online)

A savvy affiliate marketer will tell you that the riches are in niches when it comes to learning how to build autopilot niche websites.

Although I am a huge fan of niche sites, I did not pay enough attention to them when I started out, instead focusing solely on building authoritative websites – which are harder than ever.

My focus on autopilot niche websites has really taken off in the past 12 months, and if it continues going this way, I will be planning a major push on niche websites toward the end of 2019 / early 2020.

You will learn how to construct a profitable autopilot niche website in this article (with very little effort).

A Niche Website: What’s the Difference”?

Let me start by explaining what I mean when I say “niche website” for those of you who are new to the field.

According to me, affiliate marketing websites fall into two categories:

Naturally, they are similar, and you are still using the same “framework” for your website – domain, hosting, WordPress, and all the rest.

However, an authority website would cover a much broader subject matter and be aimed at reaching a wide audience.

I can give this example as the best example:

  • It is an authority website if it talks about “photography tips”
  • Niche websites would be those that discuss “the best tripods for landscape photography”.

I can probably tell you already that an authority website is much more difficult to build and maintain – yes, an authority website can make a lot of money – but so can a niche website – which I will show you today.

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining authority sites, including social media pages, email accounts, and so on.

All of these things are not necessary for a niche website. You just need to provide some content, and we’ll take care of the rest.

In my earlier post on starting Amazon niche websites, I provided an example of one of my own niche sites doing “smart portable air conditioner reviews“.

How to Make Money with Niche Websites - The Ultimate Guide

Niche websites: do they still exist?

The idea that “niche sites are dead” freaked a lot of people out a few years back. This was because of a Google update, which basically said that authority sites would hold more weight in organic traffic.My “portable air conditioner” website is a niche site, but it’s also an authority on The authority sites in the “home appliances” category do not hold any more sway over that space than I do. They may rank for the same keywords as I would, but that does not mean I cannot occupy a page 1 position if I wanted to.Do you see the difference?

Niche sites are not dead, and money can still be made with them.

The prospect of niche websites is still booming because more people are using the internet and becoming more search-savvy, resulting in niche websites still forming.

What It Takes To Build Profitable Niche Websites (That Run On Autopilot)

You need to find a niche:

Many people get stuck at this point (the first step).

It can be difficult to pick a niche, even for me there are times when I cannot find one that I am looking for.

It is important to remember that a niche is a group of people seeking out specific information online.

If you choose a niche you know about, that is the way you should go about it.

As an example, if you run daily and are over 65 years old, writing about exactly that will be the perfect niche for you.

My own niche sites are written by freelancers since I hire them to write the content.

I personally like affiliate marketing more than smart portable ACs, which is why I spend the majority of my time building up this website.

Here are some simple steps to building a WordPress site:

There is no way you can have a website without a website, so don’t skip this part.

As part of my premium package, I get free hosting through Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also “wing it” by going to BlueHost and building your WordPress site through them. I would recommend joining WA yourself and taking their training course.

When building niche websites, always use WordPress.

Is it possible to make money from niche websites?

You are talking to someone who has no idea about niche websites, so your website will not make money.

Niche sites can make money – if done right, and affiliate marketing is the most effective way to monetize them.

Niche websites make how much money?

You might be interested in taking a look at my list of 62 things you need to know about affiliate marketing, but if you really want to stand a chance at making money with it, then don’t miss out on my free training course.

It is obvious that you can get fewer or more than 1000 visitors, learn how to optimize your content to increase conversion, and choose products that pay more than $10 per sale. To measure a niche’s initial potential, I use the same simple formula.

What are the options for buying niche websites on autopilot?

I would not recommend buying a ready-made autopilot niche website if you don’t know how to build it yourself.

In my opinion, buying a site for $5,000 and not knowing how to run it is a dumb mistake. Yes, you will lose your site and any potential it has if you do not know what you are doing – again, I urge you to take the free training course to learn more.

Niche Websites For Sale – How To Find Them

Most affiliate marketers go to sites such as Flippa and Empire Flippers to either steal ideas and niches or buy ready-made websites.

Please feel free to check out those two resources if you want to pursue this path, but again, I would urge you to learn the ropes first.

I look forward to helping you get started and teaching you more about what I know, including building, running, and making money from autopilot niche websites.

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Automated Niche Website Creation (That Makes Money)

Automated Niche Website Creation (That Makes Money)

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