What You Need to Know About Finding Top Blogs in Your Niche

Actually, that’s not true. The company Technorati is still around, but their famous blog directory no longer exists. We do not know if it is gone forever. However, right now, the company has become a full-fledged advertising network. blogs on niche.

What’s next?

Is there another way to find quality blogs besides Technorati?

When the directory was online, it was so much easier to do this kind of research. It was as simple as browsing its categories. There are hundreds of blogs there, each ranked based on its authority score. I liked it very much. Okay, I may have exaggerated a little. Technically, Technorati was the lazy man’s approach to research, and although it was a great insight, it wasn’t a resource that had everything. In order to find the top blogs in our niches, the basic rules haven’t changed, we just have to utilize different tools. There’s another thing you need to do before you look at the top blogs in your niche, particularly if you’re going to reach out to influencers for some link building.

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A quick guide to finding top blogs

Here are two parts to the process:

  1. Create a general spreadsheet of all / many / a number of blogs in your niche – this is the bird’s-eye view.
  2. Choose the most relevant ones – this is the laser-focus step.

Traditionally, you would have used Technorati for this step. However, now we take a different approach:

In Google, you can do one of two things: (1) find blogs one by one, or (2) look for list posts compiled by other people that already showcase the best blogs in a given niche. I recommend the second approach.

The following keywords, for instance, can be searched for and the results are selected from the past year using the Search tools: the best blogs about web design:It is important to notice the quotation marks, which tell Google to search for exact matches.)

The results are as follows:

If you use this technique for any other niche, the results are as follows: Simply use the keywords that summarize the essence of the topic.

What You Need to Know About Finding Top Blogs in Your Niche

Pharmaceutial SEO specialists may go for:

SEO blogs for pharmaceutical companies.

However, the exact search for this keyword did not yield any results (very niche indeed! ), but there are a few articles on the subject that may be helpful to those looking to optimize Pharmaceutical websites.

Next, you need to make a spreadsheet with all the blogs you found. This will be your primary resource in the subsequent steps.

It’s a great idea to browse Alltop’s many categories to find a few established sites already on the web.

These are called Reddit-style sites. It’s a place where people can publish links and news, and others can vote on them. When looking for top blogs, you can do the following:

  • You can use Reddit itself. You are very likely to find something relevant to your niche in the tens of subreddits on even the strangest topics. Select some interesting blogs and add them to the spreadsheet once you have found a category.
  • Find other sites that are similar to Reddit, but only focus on one particular topic. The only downside is that social news sites are not available for every niFor instance, DZone is for design, BizSugar is for small businesses, growth.org is for SEO, but there is nothing for fly-fishing.hing.

You should end up with more blogs than you can shake a stick at if you just follow those three steps.

Taking a look at your spreadsheet and choosing the top blogs will be the most important part now. Using popularity metrics to pick top blogs It is unfortunately not publicly available the metric that tends to be the most accurate. Obviously, I’m referring to traffic. A top blog has a lot of traffic.We have to look at other indicators since very few people share their traffic numbers.

The first factor is raw numbers – Alexa rank and SEO indicators.

The Alexa rank and Traffic Rank provided by Alexa are some indicators of a site’s success. It is unlikely that a website that does not receive a lot of traffic will show much information.


Open SEO Stats for Chrome is another tool that you can use to review SEO statistics, whois information, Alexa rankings, and backlink information about a website.

For blogs on your list, you can start by checking these values. If you find any that don’t meet your criteria, don’t delete them. Rather than relying on them to make a decision, treat them as additional suggestions.

Amount of comments: Factor 2

You need to be careful when leaving comments. A blog that has a lot of comments under each post may be popular, but if a blog has no comments, that does not necessarily indicate it is unpopular.

There are simply some audiences who are predisposed to commenting and others who are not. In your spreadsheet, simply enter the average number of comments, rather than making rash decisions.

Social media share count: Factor 3

It is quite similar to assessing a blog’s popularity by looking at the number of social shares it has.

As an example, people looking for advice on how to cure acne won’t be as eager to share their content with their following as those in the online marketing audience.

As a final step, calculate the average number and enter it in your spreadsheet.

It is also possible to get individual social media metrics for any web page using this tool.)

Google rankings are a fourth factor

A search with the main keywords of your niche will give you a general idea of how the site ranks.

For instance, if you are in the dog training industry, the key keyword is probably “dog training”. In your spreadsheet, mark the sites that appear on places 1-20.

Quality of the content is a fifth factor

Your judgment is the only thing that can make a difference in this situation.

Answer the following questions about the last 3-5 posts of the blog you’re researching: Are they high-quality? Are you interested in reading more of this type of content? Is it relevant and on topic for your industry?

Check your spreadsheet to mark the blogs with valuable content.

Organize everything.

If you have all this information at your disposal, you can probably remove some of the blogs simply by checking their overall numbers.

A blog with a high Alexa (above 1.5 million), no comments, and few shares on social media can be assumed to not be the best.

Conversely, you might be able to pick the top 5 pretty easily as well. Sites with a low Alexa rank (and good SEO stats), many comments and social media shares, and exceptional content should be targeted.

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What You Need to Know About Finding Top Blogs in Your Niche

What You Need to Know About Finding Top Blogs in Your Niche

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