Even if you’re not an expert in your niche, there are ways to become best member in niche

Being an expert in your niche is one of the biggest challenges you face as a blogger or webmaster. To make sure your readers trust you, it’s important to let them know that you know what you’re talking about. Readers who trust you are likely to become loyal customers, readers, or followers.

Creating a blog or website in a niche in which you’re an expert is the most obvious way. Here are some examples:

  • Providing financial advice on a blog is a great idea for accountants
  • Start a nutrition blog if you are a nutritionist
  • nutritionist

nutritionist, or if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can write fitness articles

  • about whatever interests you

Discover what you’re passionate about

It is the quality of the content that determines the success of a web site or blog. I’ve said it before that content is still king and you can have success with or without SEO. In order to write good content, you must be passionate about the topic. Passion is over and above expertise and this is what distinguishes a good web site from an exceptional site.

If you’re not an expert in a particular niche, but want to run a website about that subject, what do you do? In the following section, I will discuss a few options.

Engage a professional

  • It may sound weird, but one of the opportunities the Internet presents is the opportunity to hire an expert to help you cover the gap between great content and exceptional content. I get many questions about how such a process works whenever I talk about it with fellow bloggers or even clients.
    In essence, you will have to assume the role of the entrepreneur and treat your web site or blog like a business. A company in the real world hires an expert to do a particular task or outsources to another company when it needs to have specialized skills.  Exactly the same thing happens in the offline world as well.
    What are the best places to You can find many Internet sites that are dedicated to connecting contractors with workers.kers together. You can start your search for experts at sites like odesk.com, freelancer.com, and peopleperhour.com.
    But how does that work?
    This is what you do:
    As much as you can, you describe the job in the job description and invite the interested parties to apply. It is possible to tighten up the eligibility requirements, such as requiring applicants to provide proof of their qualifications or previous work experience. For now, do not mention salaries.
    Create an account on one (or more) of the sites mentioned above and post the job opening there.
    Applications for the job will start arriving shortly thereafter. You may get hundreds of applications depending on the type of expert you are looking for, so you should be prepared to manage and filter them so you can find the right person for the job.
    You need to be careful to reject applicants who are not appropriate for the job and do not read the job specifications and apply without reading them, so be very careful to reject them from the beginning.
    Creating a short list of 3-4 applicants is the next step and then talking to them, asking questions and essentially conducting an interview as you would in the real world.
    During this stage, you should look at their experience, qualifications, portfolio, and availability.
    My next step is to conduct a short pilot with the candidates who made it to the short list before choosing who to hire. In other words, I provide them with more information about the position (including details about payment) and invite them to participate in a short paid pilot. The pilot consists of giving them one or two titles and asking them to write articles. One month of trial employment is offered to the applicant with the best workThe same process can be followed or a different one can be adopted.ss. What is important is to realize that you don’t have to do everything on your own when running a blog or website, and you can always hire a real expert.
Even if you're not an expert in your niche, there are ways to become one

Expertise yourself

  • If you have no interest in hiring an expert either because you cannot afford to pay for one or because your niche is too specific and no experts are available or they are too expensive, then there is only one solution: become one!
    What are the steps to becoming an expert in a niche?
    In another post, I will go into more detail about how to become an expert in a niche, but in short, you need to:
    • Find out what research says about the topic. Scholar.google.com and ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed are great places to start as well as any other websites or journals in your field.
    • Identify the leaders and influencers in your niche through a simple Google search. Follow the leaders / influencers in all social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.)
    • Make sure you conduct keyword research and find out what to write about – You should learn how to select your blog titles cleverly in order to improve your search engine rankings.
    • As with anything else, practice makes perfect – This is also true in the online world. The more you write, the more content you publish online, and the more interaction you have online, the better you are. Thus, you should start producing content about your niche and remember that quality always trumps quantity.
    • Even if writing is not your strongest suit, there are alternatives – If you have the knowledge for a topic, but your writing isn’t up to par, you can hire a copywriter to fix your mistakes, or produce a video, slideshow, podcast or infographic instead!
    • Don’t forget basic SEO principles when writing content – Refresh your knowledge of SEO. The focus of your content should be on content, but SEO can give your content a real boost and make it more valuable.

Experts are experts in what field?

  • The discussion so far has been about becoming an expert, but I have not addressed the question, who is an expert? An expert, in essence, is someone who:
    • possesses deep knowledge of a subject
    • regarded as authoritative
  • In the online world, what does this mean? The first is you need to demonstrate your writing skills, and the second is that you need to demonstrate your trustworthiness. It indicates that people trust an expert if he has many followers on social media channels.
    What if you had to choose between someone with a few followers and someone with thousands of followers as an expert in that niche?


  • In order to prove that you are an expert in a niche, you should produce great content and develop your social media profiles.
    It is possible for you to hire an expert to fill in the gaps or to build new skills and become an expert yourself.
    Regardless of which strategy you choose, you must create a tunnel of trust between you and your visitors.

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Even if you’re not an expert in your niche, there are ways to become one

Even if you’re not an expert in your niche, there are ways to become one

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